Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Pour: Rock Hill Farms

Rock Hill Farms is, in my opinion, one of the most under-rated bourbons in bourbon. It is a Buffalo Trace product that is packaged, quite possibly, in the most attractive bottle on the market.  The bottling is so cool looking, I have a sense that it actually turns prospective buyers off as they don't want to be the guy who bought a bottle just because it was pretty.  I'm not sure why I bought my first bottle, but packaging aside, this is one damn good bourbon.

Nose: I get a lot of rye forward spices.  Some cinnamon and brown sugar come through.  There's a little corn underneath there, but I get the feeling someone with a hound dog nose could sniff at this for hours.

Taste: Every time I take my first sip of RHF, I just go "uuuummmmmm." It is thick, oily and layered. It has a nice buttery mouth feel, like you are eating sugar cookie dough.  There is some cinnamon in there as well as brown sugar and a bunch of other spices that sophisticated palettes (not mine) could pick out easily.  For 100 proof this bad boy is just buttah on the tongue.  There's no heat here.

Finish: The finish lingers in one of the most pleasant ways possible.  You are not obliged to take another sip for several minutes because this guy hangs around.

Overall I rate this one out at 92.  Get over your embarrassment at buying the pretty bottle and buy it.  It is about $50 in my area, but it is worth every penny.

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