Monday, September 10, 2012

A Love Letter to Four Roses

Dear Mr. Rutledge,

It saddens me that I have to start this letter with a confession: When I first tried Four Roses three years ago, I didn't like it.  I thought it was too flowery, too mild and mellow. I was wholly and tragically wrong.

You see, I simply didn't recognize the greatness in my glass.  I didn't recognize the earnestness in which you treat your craft.  Maybe it's your ten different recipes or maybe it is how serious you take your yeasts.  It could be your fantastic private barrel program or the all around awesomeness of your products.  But here's the deal: I love Four Roses bourbon.

I love it so much I've become a Four Roses pusher of sorts.  I push it on my family, I push it on my fellow bourbon enthusiasts and sometimes I stand on the street corner and talk to perfect strangers about how much I love Four Roses bourbon.

My favorite Four Roses bourbon is the one in my hand.  The Yellow Label is smooth and drinkable in the extreme.  The Small Batch is more complex, but so good I struggle to keep it on my shelf.  If I could only have one more bottle of bourbon in my entire life, I'd pick the 2012 Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition.

Our little bourbon committee is doing a blind Four Roses tasting next month.  You're welcome to attend, of course, but we know you're a busy guy.  I just wanted you to know you have fans.

Keith Boyea
Capitol Bourbon Committee

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