Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Underappreciated and Overlooked Bourbon #2: Evan Williams Single Barrel 2003 Vintage

Every year Heaven Hills releases a "vintage" single barrel version of it's flagship brand Evan Williams. They are aged just under 10 years and bottled at 86 proof. The price is typically under $30, which isn't too bad for a single barrel release. Quality has varied over the years, which you would expect given the single barrel nature and the vagaries of the aging process.

Average Score: 83


Color and nose: This pour is mainly sandy taupe, but reflects darker colors; at certain angles it could pass as thinned wood stain. The nose is heavy with fruit and sweetness. Under some banana peeks sweet corn.
Taste and finish: Initially I was hit with corn, but that celeritously dissipated into a cacophony of charcoal and brown sugar. Not much spice or kick to speak of with this one. The finish returns to the banana and corn.
Overall: Like last week’s, I rate this whiskey a solid meh, too. Quite drinkable, but acutely uninteresting. 82/100.


Nose:    full bodied and big, sweet bouquet suggests high alcohol; brown sugar

Taste:    deceptively spicy following big aromatic punch

Finish:    lingering warmth mellows to fig

Overall: 88


Nose:  pretty nice

Taste:  Not bad.  Dry with a little burn. 

Finish:  Slight burn continues

Overall:  Nothing exciting but not a bad bourbon.  82


Nose: Musty with a heavy wood influence

Taste: watery mouth feel, with little in the way of flavor. Some caramel hints.

Finish: non-existent. Very short.

Overall: 80. Perfectly boring. Nothing to excite or disappoint.

Final words: The average score of 83 seems about right to me. There isn't a whole lot here in the way of flavor, but it is completely inoffensive. I'd like to see this released at 100 or 107 proof just to see if that dials up the flavor a little.